Why we chose Zeco: Our installation experience

//Why we chose Zeco: Our installation experience

Why we chose Zeco: Our installation experience

We recently had the pleasure of installing at our home in Mount Martha. We chose ZECO Energy for a number of reasons but we mainly had great confidence in their process and offering.

Why we chose to install a system

It wasn’t a real priority for us, but we were quite intrigued by the idea of having a battery system in our home. As a tech head myself, what really appealed to me was the fact I could monitor our system from anywhere. I could use my smartphone if I was out and about or my computer if I was at home or at the office. The entire installation day, I was keen to fire up and log in to our system to see what information it would present to me.

We saw ourselves as being on the way to a little bit of self-sufficiency with a well-managed garden by my wife and a decent sized water tank. Solar and battery seemed to be the next step in the right direction considering the ever-evolving trend to head towards being off the grid. Although we are in the suburbs, we were fascinated with the idea of living on our own terms without the reliance on large corporations for sustainability.

Booking in the installation

Booking in the installation was a straightforward exercise with a representative from ZECO energy providing a free assessment and quote remotely without the need to see our home. This allowed us to make an informed decision with our finances without the pressure of a sales representative in our home prior to deciding to make the purchase.

We were provided with an aerial image of our home with a proposed placement of solar panels, allowing us to determine whether they would be an obstruction or eyesore on our roof. In the end, we weren’t phased with the placement as we saw the ability to show off our shiny new panels to our neighbours, friends and family as a good thing.

After showcasing where our potential panels would reside, we were presented with a proposal outlining the costings, size of the system and all the other required information including the potential financial savings of having the system. This was definitely a large driver for us to install a system, however, it was due to the tech side of me desiring the system also. It was also a bonus that we would no longer suffer from any blackouts.

After working out our finances (we opted to use our equity in our mortgage to purchase the system), we signed off and approved of the installation in our home. ZECO were fast to respond and provided us with an installation date at our convenience. One thing we really liked about the entire process with ZECO was their communication was always at a high level, answering any questions we had prior to us even asking them!

Installation Day

The installation day arrived a few weeks after our sign off and we were greeted by a friendly installer named Brodie and his assistant. ZECO’s engineer was also on site to oversee the installation process.

The panels were the first thing to go up, then the wiring of the system to our mains. After this, the battery system arrived and was whisked into our backyard, then wired up to our panels. Last was the wiring up of the system to our existing internet connection so remote diagnostics could be performed and I could access the desired web login to view my stats.

The installation took a full day with the team only stopping for lunch. We found the team to be informative and professional throughout the day and they really took extra care considering our house is our home.

At the end of the day, we were shown all the documentation that goes with our system and a login was created to access the website so I could instantly see the stats I was after.

ZECO Energy and their team monitored our system remotely for the week following the installation to ensure everything was running like clockwork.

We are now awaiting our first power bill and judging by the app we will be in credit straight off the bat.

In conclusion, we were blown away by the level of communication from ZECO Energy and would highly recommend their products and services to our friends and family. We have peace of mind knowing we have a very high-quality Hansol (Samsung) system in our home that will last for many years to come.


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