Why invest in ESS?

//Why invest in ESS?

Why invest in ESS?

ESS (Energy Storage Systems) or Battery Storage Systems are starting to become more and more popular around Australia, so why should you turn to a battery storage system to invest in and what are the benefits of it?

The first benefit seems like an obvious one, the cost. When an ESS is installed, ZECO Energy users have found it to reduce their energy bills in excess of 80%, while also giving them peace of mind knowing that they will always have electricity supply.  

The cost of renewable energy has decreased significantly over the past decade, so the best time to invest is now. With solar panels and the lithium-ion batteries, your home becomes its own power station and will power your home at night, with little to no power being used from the grid, saving you money.

Not only does an ESS save you money on your own energy costs, you can benefit from in-feed-tariffs, which are paid to those who have solar PV. Through the feed-in tariff scheme, homeowners and business owners are paid a cost-based price for the renewable energy they supply back into the grid, meaning you not only save money but also generate revenue.

An ESS is also a chance to try a new exciting technology available to residential homes. As a relatively new way to store energy, the ESS can provide a new look and create a more sustainable way of powering your home. Energy storage systems have a bright future and have become more prevalent not only in Australia but across the world.

Investing in an ESS can not only save you money but also create a more environmentally friendly household or business. If you would like more information on an ESS, don’t hesitate to be in contact with us here at Zeco Energy.



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